SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 – Apply 1136 Canteen Attendant, Technical Operator & Other Posts


SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 – Apply 1136 Canteen Attendant, Technical Operator & Other Posts: SSC Selection Posts Recruitment 2018. SSC Canteen Attendant Recruitment 2018. Job seekers who are looking for the career in SSC go through the official notification thoroughly. Candidates also requested to go through carefully the details of posts and instructions published in the notification. The Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Staff Selection Commission has released a notification for the recruitment of 1136 Canteen Attendant, Technical Operator & Other Posts.

SSC Phase VI Latest Job Notification 2018

The Staff Selection Commission invites the applications from the eligible candidates to fill 1166 Selection Posts. Candidates can apply from 05th September 2018 to 30th September 2018. Before applying for the post, candidates should ensure that he/she fulfills the eligibility and other criteria mentioned in this advertisement. Other details like age limit, vacancy details, educational qualification, application fee, how to apply, selection process, important dates for SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 given below. This is the best opportunity for the aspirants to work with the Staff Selection Commission.

SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 Vacancy Details

Organization Name: Staff Selection Commission

Job Category: SSC Job

Name of the Post: Selection Posts Phase-VI

Total No.of Posts: 1136

Job Location: Across India

Notification No: Phase-VI/2018/Selection Posts

SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 Posts Details

The SSC has released a notification for the following posts with this present recruitment notification. The Staff Selection Commission is going to recruit 1166 vacancies to fill Phase-VI Selection Posts. Check the total number of vacancy details below as provided in the Notification.

SSC Selection Posts Vacancy 2018 – Zone Wise Posts

  1. New Delhi – SSC Northern Region (NR)
  2. Kolkata – SSC Eastern Region (ER)
  3. Mumbai- SSC Western Region(WR)
  4. Chennai – SSC Southern Region (SR)
  5. Bangalore – SSC Karnataka Kerela Region (KKR)
  6. Allahabad – SSC Central Region (CR)
  7. Raipur – SSC Madhya Pradesh Region (MPR)
  8. Chandigarh – SSC North Western Region (NWR)
  9. Guwahati – SSC North Eastern Region (NER)
Post Code Name of the Post No of Posts
10218 Junior Physiotherapist 9 (UR-5, SC-2, OBC-2)
10318 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Armament-Ammunitions] 16 (UR-9, SC-2, ST-1, OBC-4)
10418 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Armament-Weapons] 1 (UR-1)
10518 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Armament-Small Arms] 2 [(UR-1, SC-1), (OH-1)]
10618 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Armament-Instruments] 9 (UR-5, SC-2, OBC-2)
10718 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) M&E [Metallury] 14 (UR-6, SC-3, ST-1, OBC-4)
10818 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) Store [Gentex] 5 (UR-2, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-1)
10918 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Electronics] 16 [(UR-8, SC-3, OBC-5), (HH-1)]
11018 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) Electronics [Radar & System] 9 (UR-5, ST-2, OBC-2)
11118 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Vehicle] 14 (UR-7, SC-5, OBC-2)
11218 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Combat Vehicle] 11 (UR-7, SC-2, ST-1, OBC-1)
11318 Junior Engineer (Q. A.) [Engineering Equipment] 11 (UR-4, SC-2, ST-2, OBC-3)
11418 Scientific Assistant M&E [Military Explosive] 17 (UR-9, SC-2, ST-1, OBC-5)
11518 Scientific Assistant M&E [Metallurgy] 6 (UR-3, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-1)
11618 Scientific Assistant Store [Chemistry] 34 (UR-17, SC-3, ST-4, OBC-10)
11718 Scientific Assistant Store [Gentex] 37 (UR-18, SC-6, ST-4, OBC-9)
11818 Scientific Assistant [Engineering Equipment] 1 (UR-1)
11918 Scientific Assistant [Vehicle] 1 (UR-1)
12118 Junior Seed Analyst 1 (SC-1)
10118 Junior Engineer (Quality Assurance) M&E [Metallurgy] 1 (UR/ HH-1)
10218 Heraldic Assistant in History Division 1 (UR/ OH-1)
10318 Investigator Grade-II 3 (UR-2 , SC-1)
10418 Botanical Assistant 31 (UR-17, SC-4, ST-2, OBC-8)
10518 Data Processing Assistant 48 [(UR-29, SC- 11, ST-4, OBC- 4), (OH-1, HH- 1)]
10618 Library & Information Assistant 9 (UR-7, SC-1, OBC-1)
10718 Fertilizer Inspector 2 (UR-2)
10918 Jr. Physiotherapist 2 (UR-1, SC-1)
11118 Sub-Editor (Hindi) 1 (UR-1)
11218 Sub-Editor (English) 1 (ST-1)
11318 Library Information Assistant 1 (UR-1)
10218 Junior Physiotherapist 1 (ST-1)
10318 Dietician Grade-III (Jr. Dietician) 2 (UR-1, ST-1)
10418 Senior Scientific Assistant (Toxicology) 1 (UR-1)
10118 Geographer 1 (OBC-1)
10218 Junior Physiotherapist 2 (UR-2)
10318 Dietician Grade III 2 (UR-1, OBC-1)
10418 Sr Instructor(Weaving) 1 (UR-1)
10618 Sr Hindi Typist 1 (UR-1)
10818 Sound Technician 1 (OBC-1)
10918 Accountant 1 (UR-1)
10218 Jr Physiotherapist 6 (UR-4, OBC-2)
10518 Planning Assistant 2 (UR-1, OBC-1)
10618 Dietician Grade-III (Jr Dietician) 3 (UR-2, SC-1)
10718 Technical Assistant (Economics) 2 [(UR-1, ST-1, (HH-1)]
10818 Assistant (Printing) 3 (UR-2, OBC-1)
10918 Senior Translator 8 (UR-4, SC-1 , ST-1 , OBC-2)
11018 Language Instructor (01 post Oriya & Bangali-OBC), (01 Post of Malayalam & Kannada and 01 Post of Tamil & Telugu-UR) 3 (UR-2, OBC-1)
11218 Economic Investigator 2 (UR-1, OBC-1)
11318 Senior Technical Assistant (Mass Education and Media) 1 (UR-1)
11518 Textile Designer 2 (UR-1, ST-1)
11618 Technician 10 (UR-4, SC-3, OBC-3)
11918 Research Investigator (Forestry) 3 (UR-2, ST-1)
12018 Research Assistant (Environment) 5 (UR-3, OBC-2)
12118 Laboratory Assistant 7 [(UR-5, SC-2) (ExS-2, HH-1)]
12218 Junior Computer 20 [(UR-9, SC-3, ST-1, OBC-7), (OH-1)]
12418 Library-cum-Information Assistant 2 (UR-2)
12518 Section Officer (Horticulture) 12 (UR-9, SC-3)
12718 Research Assistant 1 (UR/ OH-1)
12918 Junior Engineer (Naval Quality Assurance)-Chemical 2 (UR-2)
13118 Assistant Drug Inspector (Medical Devices) 15 (UR-9, SC-2, ST-1, OBC-3)
13218 Library and Information Assistant 5 (UR-3, SC-1, OBC-1)
13318 Senior Audio Visual Assistant 1 (UR-1)
14818 Library and Information Assistant 11 [(UR-6, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-3), (OH-1)]
14918 Hindi Instructor 1 (UR-1)
10118 Senior Scientific Assistant (Biology) 2 (UR-1, OBC-1)
10218 Senior Scientific Assistant (Explosives) 2 (SC-2)
10318 Senior Scientific Assistant (Ballistics) 1 (UR-1)
10418 Dietician Grade-III 2 (UR-1, SC-1)
10518 Junior Physiotherapist 6 (UR-4, ST-1, OBC-1)
10618 Senior Technical Assistant(Chemical) 1 (UR-1)
10718 Assistant Plant Protection Officer (Entomology/ Nematology) 23 [(UR-13, SC- 3, ST-1, OBC-6), (OH-1, HH-1)]
10818 Assistant Plant Protection Officer (Plant Pathology/ Virology/ Bacteriology) 36 [(UR-23, SC- 5, ST-2, OBC-6), (OH-1, HH-1)]
10918 Assistant Plant Protection Officer (Weed Science) 9 [(UR-5, SC-2, OBC-2), (OH-1 , HH-1)]
11218 Senior Technical Assistant (Hydrogeology) 1 (UR-1)
11318 Senior Technical Assistant (Geo Physics) 3 (UR-3)
10118 Junior Scientific Assistant 1 (UR-1)
10218 Senior Scientific Assistant (Ballistics) 1 (UR-1)
10318 Senior Scientific Assistant (Physics) 1 (ST-1)
10418 Senior Scientific Assistant (Chemistry) 1 (OBC-1)
10518 Senior Scientific Assistant (Biology) 2 (UR-2)
10618 Senior Instructor (Weaving) 1 (UR-1)
11118 Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (Grade. I) Documents 1 (UR-1)
11318 Textile Designer 2 (UR-2)
10218 Investigator Grade – II 5 (UR-2, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-1)
10318 Draftsman Grade – I 9 [(UR-5, SC-1, OBC-3), (HH-1)]
10518 Assistant Welfare Administrator 1 (UR-1)
10718 Research Assistant (Computer Science) 1 (SC-1)
10118 Photographer 1 (UR-1)
12018 Assistant Map Curator 5 [(UR-3, ST-1, OBC-1), (OH-1)]
12218 Laboratory Assistant 1 (SC-1)
11018 Technical Clerk (Economics) 1 (UR-1)
11418 Deputy Ranger 1 (OBC-1)
11518 Assistant Store Keeper 14 [(UR-7, SC-2, OBC-5), (ExS-1)]
11718 Foreman 13 (UR-7, SC-2, ST-1, OBC-3)
12018 Laboratory Attendant 1 (UR-1)
10118 Navigational Assistant Grade-ii 6 [(UR-3, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-1), (OH-1)]
10218 Store Keeper-cum Caretaker 1 (UR-1)
10918 Laboratory Assistant 2 (UR-2)
11018 Laboratory Asst 1 (UR-1)
10318 Senior Library Attendant 1 (UR-1)
10418 Stockman 1 (SC-1)
11118 Draftsman Grade II (Renamed as Senior Draftsman) 45 [(UR-23, SC- 7, ST-3, OBC- 12), (OH-1, HH- 1)]
11418 Processing Assistant 1 (UR-1)
11718 Clerk (in Departmental Canteens) 3 (UR-1, OBC-2)
11818 Technical Assistant 2 (UR-2)
13018 Data Entry Operator Grade ‘A 1 (OBC-1)
11018 Junior Engineer 4 (UR-3, SC-1)
10718 Laboratory Attendant 1 (UR-1)
10818 Navigational Assistant Grade – II 8 (UR-4, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-2)
11018 Navigational Assistant Grade – II 5 (UR-3, SC-1, OBC-1)
11218 Assistant (Architectural Department) 8 [(UR-4, SC-1, ST-1, OBC-2), (OH-1)]
10118 Stockman 1 (UR-1)
10618 Laboratory Assistant 1 (OBC-1)
10818 Lady Medical Attendant 16 (UR-9, SC-2, OBC-5)
11618 Technical Operator (Store) 7 [(UR-5, ST-1, OBC-1), (ExS-1)]
11818 Medical Attendant 36 [(UR-16, SC- 5, ST-2, OBC- 13), (ExS-5)]
11918 Technical Operator (Drilling) 69 [(UR-22, SC- 32, ST-13, OBC- 2), (ExS-7)]
10318 Laboratory Attendant 2 (UR-2)
10118 Technical Operator(Drilling) 51 [(UR-38, SC- 3, OBC-10), (ExS-5)]
10518 Stenographer Gr III 1 (OBC-1)
10718 Photo Artist 1 (OBC-1)
10118 Junior Draftsman 1 (UR-1)
12318 Canteen Attendant 111 [(UR-57, ST- 12, OBC-42), (ExS-11, OH-2, HH-1, VH-1)]
12618 Canteen Attendant 4 (UR-3, OBC-1)
12818 Library Clerk 1 (UR-1)
13418 Filter Pump Driver 1 (UR-1)
11118 Laboratory Attendant 65 (UR-43, SC-7, ST-1, OBC-14)
11818 Assistant Photographer 1 (OBC-1)
10918 Technical Operator (Drilling) 23 [(UR-19, OBC-4), (ExS-2)]
10418 Technical Operator (Drilling) 51 (UR-37, SC-2, ST-1, OBC-11), (ExS-5)]
Total  1136

SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 Eligibility Criteria

As per the SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Recruitment 2018, interested candidates should follow the certain eligibility criteria. The eligibility details for the aspired candidates can check here and provide by us as per the official notification. It is very important to check the eligibility details before applying for the Staff Selection Commission Phase VI Selection Posts Recruitment 2018. All interested and eligible candidates must fulfill the essential requirements of the posts and other conditions stipulated in the advertisement.

SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 Educational Qualification

Applicants should possess the following educational qualification on the date of notification.

Candidate should have completed Matriculation, Higher Secondary & Graduation.

Age Limit for SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification Jobs 2018

For SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018Candidate age limit should be between 18 years to 40 years.

Age Relaxation: Relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/PWD as per rules

  • Gen/OBC: 03 years
  • SC/ST: 05 years

SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 Salary, Selection Process

Pay Scale

The SSC offers a pay scale to its employees according to the SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Jobs Notification 2018 is given below.
Refer to the official notification.

Selection Process for SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Recruitment 2018

Candidate selection for the SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Recruitment 2018 will be based on

  • Computer Based Examination

Application Fee for SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Recruitment 2018

Candidate should have to pay the application fee as per the official SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Recruitment 2018.

  • Gen/ OBC: Rs.100/-
  • SC/ST: Candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe and Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Ex-Servicemen are exempted from payment of this fee

How to Apply for SSC Phase VI Selection Posts Notification 2018?

Candidates are required to apply online through the SSC official website. Kindly read the instructions given on the website carefully before submitting your application.

  1. Log on to the official website
  2. Go to the Recruitment Page
  3. Click on the desired advertisement link
  4. Read the official notification carefully
  5. Click on Apply Online link
  6. Register/Login to the web portal
  7. Fill the application form without errors
  8. Upload all the relevant documents, photograph, and signature
  9. Pay the application fee
  10. Save and Submit the application form
  11. Take a printout of the application form for future reference

SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Notification 2018 Important Dates for Technical Operator Posts

Starting Date to Apply: 05/09/2018

Last Date to Apply: 30/09/2018

Exam Date for ML (CBE): 27/10/2018

Exam Date for HSL (CBE): 29/10/2018

Exam Date for GL (CBE): 30/10/2018

Download SSC Selection Posts Phase VI Official Notification & Application Details

Download the Official Notification

Apply Online


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